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The Go 2 line by Unitree has a variety of applications. Key features are human recognition, intelligent side flow and a strong reliable power system.
These robots can be used for educational purposes and commercial applications. The options available in this line provide multiple ports for input and output devices, dynamic obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition and programmable AI.

Unitree Aliengo, which was designed as a research platform, is a high-performance quadruped robot that can traverse uneven terrain, climb gradients of up to 21° and remain stable even if kicked, all at a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s for up to 4 hours on a single charge. An integrated depth perception vision system enables real-time 3D map creation and navigation planning, along with human posture recognition tracking and face recognition.


Release B1, protection grade IP68, focus on industrial landing, industrial super large payload, dust-proof and waterproof.


Unitree Z1 is a super-lightweight robotic arm with great payload capacity, designed for Unitree robot dogs.

Introducing the Direct Drive Tech Diablo

The World’s First Direct-Drive Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot

Powered by 6 Direct-Drive Motors

Open Development Platform for Custom Controls

Super Agile & Powerful
Use SDK to Custom Controls
Various Control Interfaces
Boosting Secondary Development

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Watch Our Robots Dance with Jason Derulo

Robot Dogs provided to Jason by TLC Creative out of Los Angeles.

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Our Road to the Super Bowl

Stokes Robotics is honored to have their robots dancing with Jason Derulo at the TikTok Super Bowl party.  Kevin Belida at TLC Entertainment is the

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