Empowering Students with Hands-On Exploration & Learning

Education is a journey of exploration, and Stokes Education takes this journey to the next level with its diverse range of STEM units. These units provide students with hands-on experience and practical learning opportunities, enabling them to delve deep into the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With a focus on robotics, multimedia, optics, structural engineering, and more, Stokes Education STEM units foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Robotics: Robotics is an engaging and dynamic STEM unit that introduces students to the world of programming and engineering. Through hands-on experiences with robots, students delve into programming, engineering design, wireless communication, and robotics concepts. The unit empowers students to create, modify, and program robots, sparking their curiosity and igniting their passion for technology and innovation.

Audio-Video Engineering & Editing: In this unit, students learn to record, edit, and manipulate sound on a computer through acoustic exploration and audio editing. Equipped with tuning forks, microphones, and audio editing software, students experience the art of audio-video engineering, unlocking a world of creativity and expression.

Digital Photography & Video: Students learn the principles of photography and optical phenomena. With digital cameras and photo-editing software, students capture, download, and edit digital pictures, honing their photography skills. In the digital video unit, students explore video production, storyboarding, and editing techniques, gaining an understanding of the optical principles behind video production.

Drones: Drones open up the world of programming, electromechanical systems, and aerodynamics. In the UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Drones Lab, students design, build, and program drones for various applications.

Electricity & Magnetism: The electricity and magnetism unit explores the fundamental principles of electricity and electrical current. Students use magnets to generate electric currents, build simple circuits, and learn about series and parallel circuits. Multimeters, wire cutters, and electrical components are used in this unit.

Solar Energy & Vehicles: Students explore solar engineering concepts in the solar energy unit. They design, build, and test solar generators, cookers, and vehicles, harnessing the power of the sun to drive innovation and sustainability.

Structural Engineering: Structural engineering gives students insights into static forces, material strength, and structures. Through research and hands-on building, students construct bridges, dams, towers, and other structures to meet specific criteria, developing problem-solving and design skills.

Multimedia & Webpage Design: Students learn how to combine various media types for optimum impact in the multimedia unit. They explore multimedia authoring techniques and strategies, creating compelling digital experiences. The webpage design unit teaches students web design principles, empowering them to create interactive and visually appealing web pages.

The Future of STEMStokes Education STEM units are a gateway to a future of exploration and innovation. By offering hands-on experiences in robotics, engineering, multimedia, and more, these units equip students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a technology-driven world. Students dive into the heart of STEM fields, unlocking their potential as the problem-solvers, creators, and visionaries of tomorrow. To explore the full range of STEM units and their offerings, visit www.stokeseducation.com and pave the way to a future of endless possibilities.

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