Designed to complement Unitree robot dogs like AlienGo and B1 quadrupeds, the Z1 robot arm adds a new dimension of functionality and flexibility to these already impressive machines. With its compact design, impressive payload capacity, and precise accuracy, the Z1 robot arm is a shining example of robotics synergy, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in complex task completion and diverse scenarios.

A Compact Marvel:

The Unitree Z1 robot arm is a testament to engineering finesse, combining remarkable performance with a compact and lightweight design. Its sleek form seamlessly integrates with robot dogs like AlienGo and B1, enhancing their capabilities and adding a new layer of agility to their movements.

Dexterous and Flexible:

Despite its size, the Z1 boasts exceptional dexterity and flexibility. It can perform a wide range of motions, mimicking human arm movements, opening up many possibilities for tasks that require delicate manipulation and intricate actions.

Impressive Payload Capacity:

The Z1 may be light, but it is also incredibly strong. Its impressive payload capacity can handle substantial loads while maintaining stability and precision. This makes it suitable for various applications, from carrying equipment and payloads in industrial settings to assisting with complex research tasks.

Good Accuracy and Collision Protection:

The Z1’s accuracy ensures precise movements, allowing it to complete tasks efficiently. Additionally, built-in collision protection systems safeguard the arm from potential accidents, making it a reliable and safe robotic partner.

Mounts on AlienGo and B1:

The Z1 robot arm is designed to mount seamlessly on Unitree robot dogs like AlienGo and B1, creating a powerful synergy that enhances the capabilities of these quadrupeds. Together, they form a powerful team that can tackle complex tasks and navigate challenging scenarios with ease.

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