Direct Drive Tech Diablo

As the world’s first direct-drive self-balancing wheeled-leg robot, the Diablo is a masterpiece of engineering and design, setting new standards in agility, balance, and customizability.

The Pinnacle of Balance and Agility:

Powered by six direct-drive motors, this wheeled-leg robot achieves unparalleled balance and agility, enabling seamless navigation in complex environments. The direct-drive technology eliminates the need for gears and transmission systems, resulting in instantaneous response, reduced energy loss, and remarkable precision. Whether cruising through uneven terrains or swiftly adjusting its stance, the Diablo Robot boasts super agility and unparalleled stability, making it a versatile asset in various applications.

Custom Controls and DIY Development:

Stokes Robotics believes in empowering users with the freedom to customize and enhance the Diablo Robot to suit their specific needs. The robot is an open development platform, allowing users to delve into custom controls and do-it-yourself (DIY) modifications. By leveraging the open development platform, users can unlock the full potential of the robot and explore various secondary development options. From integrating a robot arm, searchlight, image sensor, and rack to other innovations limited only by imagination, the Diablo Robot becomes a canvas for innovation and creativity.

Powerful SDK for Custom Controls:

The Diablo Robot’s capabilities extend beyond its pre-programmed functionalities thanks to a powerful software development kit (SDK). With the SDK, users can tap into the robot’s underlying architecture and create custom controls. Whether writing code in Python, using the Robot Operating System (ROS), Raspberry Pi, or C++, the possibilities for advanced control and behavior are limitless. The Diablo Robot is designed to be a collaborative partner for developers and researchers, providing a canvas for innovation and experimentation in robotics.

Boosting Secondary Development:

The Diablo Robot’s adaptability paves the way for various secondary development possibilities. It can be easily equipped with multiple control interfaces, enabling seamless integration with peripheral devices and modules. The robot’s secondary development options are limited only by the user’s imagination, allowing for endless innovation and expansion.

Curriculum Units: 

Stokes Robotics understands the importance of nurturing the next generation of roboticists and engineers. With the Diablo Robot, they offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers:

  1. Introduction to Wheeled-Legged Robotics: Providing a foundation for understanding the robot’s unique locomotion and design.
  2. Programming in C++, Python, and ROS: Empowering users with essential programming skills to unleash the robot’s potential.
  3. Adding and Integrating Peripherals: Guiding users in integrating peripheral devices and expanding the robot’s capabilities.
  4. Commercial Applications: Exploring real-world applications where the Diablo Robot can make a significant impact.

The Future of Robotics:

The Stokes Robotics Direct Drive Tech Diablo Robot represents a paradigm shift in wheeled-leg robotics. Its direct-drive technology, open development platform, and powerful SDK pave the way for a future where robots are not only agile and powerful but also versatile and customizable. As users unleash their creativity and embrace the world of DIY development, the Diablo Robot becomes a symbol of limitless possibilities, driving progress and innovation in robotics.

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