Go1 AI

The Go1 AI robot(s) is a game-changer designed to inspire and equip the brightest minds in educational institutions. With its unrivaled AI capabilities, comprehensive education package, and unmatched versatility, the Go1 AI robot(s) is set to revolutionize STEM education and research.

Stokes Education STEMbotics Curriculum: 

Central to the Go1 AI robot(s) educational journey is the Stokes Education STEMbotics curriculum. Beyond just theory, this curriculum engages students in hands-on projects that involve working with community partners to address real-world problems using the robot. Focusing on real-world applications fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. As students work with community partners, they gain a deeper understanding of the potential and impact of robotics in various domains, preparing them to be change-makers and innovators.

Unleashing Advanced Programming in C++ and Python:

The Go1 AI robot(s) allows students to delve into the world of advanced programming in both C++ and Python. These powerful programming languages are essential in robotics and artificial intelligence, enabling students to tackle complex challenges and develop sophisticated algorithms. By honing their skills in C++ and Python, students gain a competitive edge and are well-equipped to contribute to the rapidly evolving field of AI and robotics.

The Most Advanced Go1 Model – AI:

The Go1 AI robot(s) encompasses all the exceptional features of its predecessors, the Go1 PS and Go1 CP, and goes even further by introducing advanced AI capabilities:

  1. Lidar Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance: With Lidar technology, the robot can dynamically navigate its environment, avoiding obstacles in real time.
  2. Navigation Planning and Map Construction: The robot employs sophisticated navigation planning algorithms and map construction techniques to optimize its path and construct a comprehensive map of its surroundings.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Module: Introducing an AI module enhances the robot’s cognitive abilities, enabling it to learn and make intelligent decisions based on data analysis.
  4. Gesture Recognition and Skeletal Recognition: The AI-powered robot can recognize gestures and skeletal movements, facilitating seamless human-robot interaction and control.
  5. Visual SLAM and Programmable AI: Utilizing Visual SLAM, the robot leverages its 3D vision to perform accurate location and mapping functions. The AI module is also programmable, allowing for custom AI algorithms and behaviors.

Curriculum Units:

The Go1 AI robot(s) curriculum units offer a comprehensive pathway to AI exploration, preparing students to work with the most advanced technologies. These units cover a wide range of topics, including an introduction to quadruped robotics, AI fundamentals, programming in C++ and Python, commercial applications, lidar and mapping, and more. Through these units, students gain hands-on experience in AI development and application, setting the stage for a future where artificial intelligence and robotics converge to drive unprecedented progress and innovation.

A New Frontier of Robotics and AI:

The Stokes Robotics Go1 AI robot(s) represent a new frontier of robotics and artificial intelligence, where education, research, and innovation converge to shape the future. As students and researchers delve into AI and robotics, they are poised to unlock endless possibilities and contribute to a world where automation, intelligence, and human ingenuity create a brighter, more advanced future.

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