Go1 CP

The Go1 CP robot is designed to inspire and empower the next generation of aspiring roboticists. With its advanced capabilities, inclusive education package, and versatility, the Go1 CP robot sets new STEM education and research standards.

The Ideal Robot for Educational Institutions:

The Go1 CP robot is tailored for colleges, universities, technical centers, and upper high school courses. Stokes Robotics recognizes the pivotal role education plays in shaping future innovators and engineers, and the Go1 CP robot is their way of empowering educational institutions to embrace the world of robotics.

Stokes Education STEMbotics Curriculum:

The comprehensive education package of the Go1 CP comes complete with the Stokes Education STEMbotics curriculum. This thoughtfully designed curriculum goes beyond theory, providing students with practical opportunities to work with community partners to address real-world challenges using the robot. The focus on real-world problem-solving engages students, nurturing critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. By working with community partners, students gain insights into the real-life applications of robotics, broadening their perspectives and driving positive change in their communities.

Advanced Programming in C++ and Python:

To truly unleash the potential of aspiring programmers, the Go1 CP robot offers the ability to engage in advanced programming in both C++ and Python. These widely-used programming languages are integral in preparing students for a future in cutting-edge technologies and programming paradigms. By providing the opportunity to work with C++ and Python, Stokes Robotics ensures that students are well-equipped to tackle complex robotics challenges and contribute to the ever-evolving field of automation.

An Enriched Standard Model – Go1 CP:

The Go1 CP robot boasts all the exceptional features of its predecessor, the Go1 PS, and builds upon it with even more capabilities:

  1. Multiple Ports for Input and Output Devices: This feature enhances the robot’s flexibility and adaptability, enabling seamless integration with a wide range of peripherals and sensors.
  2. Research API and C++ API: The Research API empowers researchers and enthusiasts to delve deep into the robot’s capabilities, customizing and optimizing its performance. The C++ API adds to the robot’s versatility, allowing for advanced programming and control.
  3. 4G and 5G Connectivity: With 4G and 5G capabilities, the Go1 CP can remain connected and communicate seamlessly, enabling real-time data exchange and remote operation.
  4. Foot Force Sensor: Integrating a foot force sensor enhances the robot’s perception of its environment, enabling precise navigation and interaction with the surroundings.
  5. Multi-function Extension Interface: This interface expands the robot’s potential for customization and expansion, enabling users to add modules and functionalities tailored to specific applications.

A Pathway to Innovation:

The Stokes Robotics Go1 CP robots serve as a gateway to innovation, empowering students and researchers to explore the limitless possibilities of robotics. With their focus on education, real-world applications, and advanced programming capabilities, these robots lay the foundation for a future where automation and artificial intelligence continue to drive progress and improve lives.

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