Go1 PS

The Go1 PS robot redefines what’s possible in autonomous locomotion, showcasing unmatched speed, carrying capacity, and intelligence. Let’s explore the remarkable features that set the Go1 PS apart.

Speed and Payload Capacity:

The Go1 PS can travel up to 10 mph, outpacing its peers in the robotics realm. This agility opens up possibilities, from rapid inspection tasks to efficient data collection in challenging terrains. But that’s not all; the Go1 PS is not just fast but strong too. It boasts a remarkable payload capacity of up to 10 lbs, making it ideal for carrying equipment and payloads during various applications.

Go1 PS Package:

When you purchase the Go1 PS package, you acquire a high-performance quadruped robot and access a range of comprehensive and valuable features. The package includes:

  1. Go1 Quadruped Robot: The Go1 PS robot is a testament to Stokes Robotics’ commitment to excellence and innovation.
  2. Spare Battery: Ensuring uninterrupted operation, the spare battery guarantees that the Go1 PS remains powered and ready for extended missions.
  3. Custom Security Package: Stokes Robotics understands the importance of securing your investment. The custom security package ensures your robot stays protected and operates securely in any environment.
  4. Onsite Training: To unleash the full potential of the Go1 PS, onsite training is provided to ensure that operators understand its capabilities and can maximize its performance effectively.

Unrivaled Intelligence and Versatility:

The Go1 PS’s intelligence truly sets it apart from the rest. With human recognition capabilities, it can identify and interact with users, fostering intuitive and natural interactions. The intelligent side follow feature further enhances its human-robot interaction, allowing it to trail alongside users easily. Equipped with five cameras, the Go1 PS offers full-view coverage, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its surroundings. Its AI processing capabilities enable real-time data analysis and decision-making, empowering the robot to navigate complex environments confidently.

Stokes Education Curriculum:

In addition to the exceptional robot, the Go1 PS package includes a comprehensive curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and foster learning. The curriculum units cover various topics, including introductory lessons on quadrupeds, robot agility, autonomous control, video capture from the robot, and adding features to the quadruped robot. This educational approach aims to nurture the next generation of roboticists, providing hands-on experience and encouraging creative problem-solving in real-world scenarios.

Unleashing a World of Possibilities:

The Stokes Robotics Go1 PS represents a leap forward in quadruped robotics, combining speed, strength, intelligence, and education. From professional inspection and data collection applications to educational pursuits, these robots open up a world of possibilities. The Go1 PS is a beacon of progress, inspiring us to explore new frontiers, innovate fearlessly, and create a world where robots and humans collaborate to transform industries and improve lives.

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